An Easter egg is a message, image, or feature hidden in software, a video game, a film, or another, usually electronic, medium. The term used in this manner was coined around 1979 by Steve Wright, the then-Director of Software Development in the Atari Consumer Division, to describe a hidden message in the Atari video game Adventure, in reference to an Easter egg hunt.. Auto Hide Mouse Cursor installation. The mouse cursor tool does not have to be installed, can be easily started from the desktop without installation and can be used immediately on all Windows operating systems. Simply download the mouse cursor hiding tool, open the archive with copy / paste on the desktop and use it. A quick way I find of getting the cursor back is to press CTRL-ALT-END when in the remote session (same as CTRL-ALT-DEL on the local machine), then pressing “cancel” to get back to the main desktop. I’d definitely like to hear of a permanent solution to this as it’s damn annoying. Liked by 1 person. Reply. control mouse After doing that, use Shift+Tab to move up to the tab menu, strike the right arrow key twice to go into the Pointer Options section, tab down to the Hide pointer while typing toggle, and press Spacebar to turn it off and then Enter to save and exit. Set the pointer scheme to None and disable the pointer shadow. OMNeT++ itself is not a simulator of anything concrete, but rather provides infrastructure and tools for writing simulations. One of the fundamental ingredients of this infrastructure is a component architecture for simulation models.. Auto Hide Mouse Cursor installation. The mouse cursor tool does not have to be installed, can be easily started from the desktop without installation and can be used immediately on all Windows operating systems. Simply download the mouse cursor hiding tool, open the archive with copy / paste on the desktop and use it. For a left-click, tap with one finger. If you use two fingers, it will lead to a mouse right-click. To scroll the screen, drag with the two fingers. Use pinch to zoom in or zoom out. To drag the laptop screen, use long-press and move, then tap once to drag. All the click features are very intuitive and won't take long to figure out. Touch the saved server. Your PC will show a notification saying that the device is connected. Touch the Gamepad Button. Then select a layout. I recommend the "Template Shooter" one. If you want to use your controller to connect to a Parsec Host, stop reading and go to "Parsec configuration" in the "Extra" section. For offline use, continue reading. Untick the box. The parsec software recognizes all external controller as the Xbox type even if it isn’t. You can deactivate the desktop setting to allow Xbox backing. To do this, go to controller settings and click on base configurations. Next, you need to click on desktop mode to access the browse configurations. Re: Mouse cursor disappears when connected to windows 10 PC. I am having the same trouble. When I select show host computer cursor, it is visible and helps somewhat, but the cursor does not change for text or precision cursors, which I need for graphic design. please help. 08-02-2016 06:43 AM. Parsec tends to not show the cursor movement for the people connected when someone else aside from them moves the cursor. If you want to be able to see what other people are doing with the cursor, the host can enable cursor trails to cause it to show up in the stream. Here's how to do it on the host computer: Press Windows key + R. I am not sure about the OBS configuration he is using for streaming Our guide to reducing lag while streaming covers network lag and graphics lag, addressing the causes and the solutions for the latency GPU Utilization: If your GPU utilization is above 95% Windows will start prioritizing the game over everything; this can, in some cases, make your stream lag This works. If the screen is completely black, but you can see the mouse cursor when you move the mouse around (may take you a while to find it) then your computer is at a lock screen, but the lock screen is showing on a screen Parsec can't capture. All other screens on the lock screen are always showing as completely black. This is what Parsec is capturing. I can see that the cursor is still enabled as when I move the mouse around inside Parsec icons and text gets highlighted as usual and with the "press ctrl to find mouse" i can figure out where the pointer is. I can also force the pointer to appear with this guide:. . "/> Parsec mouse pointer not showing
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